Employ machine learning
to transform IoT data into business insights!

Structure and analyze data at scale and on demand, implement intuitive dashboards, as well as enable predictive analytics using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)

We Offer IoT Data Engineering and Predictive Analytics Solutions

Data capturing and integration
  • Development of custom business applications for data capturing
  • Integration of the existing business applications into the IoT network
Data engineering
  • Data pre-processing at scale
  • Data lakes and data warehouse
  • Converting raw data to business data
Data analysis and processing
using AI/ML
  • Pattern definition
  • Time-series predictions
  • Recommendation engines
  • Anomaly detection
  • Visual recognition
Data visualization
  • Real-time visibility of operations through aggregated dashboards
  • Insight reports and statistics

Services We Offer

With extensive expertise in implementing IoT solutions for different industries, we help to develop competitive and innovative products to serve the needs of our customers.


Our company will help you to find the roots of the problems related to IoT and get independent evaluation of different IoT platforms and frameworks.

Implementation of IoT-based solutions

We provide custom solutions from concept/architecture design and PoC/MVP implementation to production-grade rollout and support.

Data analytics

We will help you to transform complex IoT data into business insights, structure and analyze data at scale and on demand, as well as implement intuitive dashboards and enable predictive analytics using AI/ML.

Infrastructure support

Altoros provides managed and on-demand infrastructure support services, including cloud infrastructure optimization, automation, and administration.

Leverage IoT Data and get advantage for your business!

The IoT solutions delivered by Altoros help to improve efficiency, engage customers, and develop business through informed decision making.
Data ingestion
Data transformation
and reporting
Rule management
Device management
Data security
Platform integration

Data ingestion

Data transformation

and reporting

Rule management

Device management

Data security

Platform integration

We Partner With

Our projects

Railroad infrastructure monitoring and predictive maintenance system


The data lake layer designed to handle data from cameras, sensors, and other devices in the field. Machine learning and data analytics are used to enable predictive maintenance.

  • 600,000 messages per second handled
  • Petabytes of data processed per month
  • Reliable historical data storage for 10 years
  • Extremely low latency and high throughput
  • Superior security

Simplifying and speeding up configuration of weather stations


The team at Altoros combined BT requests in batches to reduce the number of data transfer requests. Data lake: 5 TB of monthly data intake, latency for data retrieval from a data lake is less than 10 milliseconds per request.

  • Improved adoption of customer’s core products (weather stations).
  • Configuration of weather stations sold by the customer takes less time and can be maintained on iOS/Android devices remotely.
  • While syncing configuration changes in real time, the solution accelerated data transfer via the Bluetooth protocol by 4x.

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