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With the growing interest in machine learning, more companies seek opportunities to implement the technology into their projects. Stay at the cutting-edge and get a deep understanding of the main concepts supported by hands-on labs. Enroll in any public machine learning course or design a custom program according to your needs.

You face challenges. We provide the training.

Artificial Intelligence Training Courses

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Maximize your team's talent with customized hands-on training

Maximize your team's talent with customized hands-on training

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Public classes are not scheduled at the moment. Please contact us at training@altoros.com if you’d like to join our waitlist or request private training for your team.

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Our attendees

Here is what our attendees say about us


“Biggest value of the course? Combination of conceptual and practical contents. Showing the state-of-the art achievements and hence developing a feeling what can be achieved with DNN.”

Arpad Rozsas

Neural Networks and Deep Learning training, Madrid


“Great experience! Very knowledgeable and friendly trainers. Biggest value of the course - practical examples/issues the trainers provided based on their experience.”

Ramesh Balasubramanian

Machine and Deep Learning Training, San Diego

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What trainees say about Altoros courses

Kubernetes Deep Dive Training in San Jose
Kubernetes Deep Dive Training in San Jose
Kubernetes Deep Dive Training, Washington DC
Kubernetes Deep Dive Training, Washington DC
Cloud Foundry for DevOps Training
Cloud Foundry Training at Cloud Foundry Summit, 2017
Kubernetes Deep Dive Training, Los Angeles

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