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[TRAINING] Kubernetes Deep Dive: Chicago

25 June 2018, 00:00 am
28 June 2018, 23:59 pm
This 4-day training course covers the fundamentals needed to understand Kubernetes and the skills required to handle both Day 1 (deployment) and Day 2 (operations) tasks for managing Kubernetes clusters.Register »

Hyperledger Fabric Training—3 days

This 3-day advanced technical course is designed for building commercial-grade blockchain applications on top of Fabric 1.0 and delivering working blockchain solutions. Learn Fabric 1.0 architecture, write smart contracts and deploy them in a complete blockchain application.Register »

[TRAINING] Kubernetes Deep Dive: NYC

16 July 2018, 00:00 am
19 July 2018, 23:59 pm
At the end of the training, attendees will understand how everything fits together to run distributed applications in Kubernetes and learn how to start designing and operating application orchestration solutionsRegister »

TRAINING: Cloud Foundry for DevOps

This two-day course is an in-depth primer on building and operating Cloud Foundry clusters with BOSH.Register »

TRAINING: Cloud Foundry for Developers

This three-day course is designed for application developers who are looking for experience in running their cloud-native apps on Cloud FoundryRegister »