Livecast#1: How Great Companies Evaluate Cloud Foundry


September 29, 2015 | 11:00 am–11:45 am
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    Why watch this?

    September 29, Altoros is launching webinar series focused on how to implement Cloud Foundry.

    Join our livecasts every second Tuesday starting September 29th, 2015. Follow #CFlivecast to stay tuned on the topics and agenda.

    On September 29, 11 AM PST, Renat Khasanshyn, CEO of Altoros, will present an initial livecast How Great Companies Evaluate Cloud Foundry. He will cover the value of the Cloud Foundry PaaS in the enterprise, and present use cases that examine how many great companies are evaluating CF and already benefiting from it.

    You don’t want to miss this webinar, if you are looking to:

    • Slash your development cycles from months to days
    • Deploy hundreds of containers per minute
    • Migrate thousands of enterprise apps and services to the cloud
    • Transform company’s entire culture toward IT-driven business

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    Who should attend?

    This livecast series will be of great interest to enterprise architects, product-line managers, and other IT and business-side executives who know the basics of Cloud Foundry and now have a need to evaluate it seriously.

    About presenter:

    Renat Khasanshyn is CEO of Altoros Systems and Venture Partner at Runa Capital. Renat is also a founder of Apatar, the world’s first open source multi-tenant data integration software project, and a winner of 2007 IBM Business Mashup Challenge. Renat’s primary focus now is to bring “software assembly lines” and “data lakes” into organizations through training, deployment and integration of solutions offered by the Cloud Foundry ecosystem. He is an active member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation Advisory Board and a frequent speaker at Cloud Foundry events.

    How Great Companies Evaluate Cloud Foundry_Livecast#1
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