Using Hyperledger Fabric to Manage Compliance with Fund Managers and Regulators


April 20, 2017 | 16:00 pm–17:00 pm
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    Why watch this?

    Learn how blockchain and Hyperledger ensure regulatory compliance in the funds industry with a solution developed by GECKO Governance.

    The aim of this webinar is to enable the Hyperledger community to learn more about a unique fund compliance blockchain solution. Specifically, why and how Hyperledger Fabric can be used for such a use case.

    You will learn:

    • An overview of the problem in RegTech fund managementnamely that of proving a company is compliant (to regulators, clients, etc.)
    • How Hyperledger Fabric is solving this problem
    • Business requirements to the blockchain solution powered by Hyperledger Fabric technology
    • A detailed overview of GECKO Governance blockchain solutionincluding a demo and details on the software architecture
    • The challenges and lessons learned (from both the technical and business perspective)
    • How GECKO Governance is using Hyperledger Fabric.
    • The importance of Disintermediation and Immutability to the funds industry
    • How to transition from existing solutions to blockchain, including dealing with legacy systems
    • Instilling confidence in the industry of the merits of blockchain

    Who should attend:

    • Funds industry professionalsfund administrators, fund managers, regulators and auditors
    • Risk, regulatory, and compliance professionalsrisk managers, regulatory advisors, analysts, and consultants
    • Managers of IT, Innovation and Digital Officers, Enterprise Architects, and business people interested in blockchain
    • FinTech / RegTech enthusiasts and blockchain / Hyperledger developers

    About the presenter:

    Shane Brett is a serial entrepreneur, mentor, peer-reviewed author, and thought-leader specializing in hedge funds, FinTech, and the global economy.

    He is co-founder of GECKO Governancethe new blockchain-enabled Fund Regulation solution.

    Shane has 20 years experience in hedge fund /asset management operations, consultancy and technology, including program and product management at top fund managers and administrators worldwide (e.g., BNP Paribas, HSBC, UBS, and RBS).

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