Saving Environment with IoT: Smart Watering with Predix


March 14, 2017 | 10:00 am–11:00 am
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    Why watch this?

    Learn how IoT and Predix are fighting droughts in California using the Smart Watering System developed at the San Francisco University.


    The environment-related problems are getting bigger and very serious, so there is an urgent need to solve this problems as soon as possible. One of the biggest environmental problem we are facing today is the need to fight droughts. With the growth of Internet of Things, different IoT solutions come to the rescue and create a high variety of solutions that could help cope with these environmental issues.

    In this webinar, Abhilash Shrivastava will provide the detailed overview of the IoT application that could help to handle droughts. He will explore how to solve the water shortage problem using the Predix platform and how to reduce costs. This solution can be implemented at small homes as well as at large businesses.

    You will learn:

    • How IoT solutions can cope with droughts—tracking weather data (humidity, temperature, etc.), collecting and examining it, and generating appropriate triggers/actions.
    • A real use-case and a working demo of Smart Watering System with the usage of GE Predix services.
    • How to optimize capital allocation by cutting down water bills and avoid lawn destruction due to over-soaking.

    Who should attend?

    Anyone who is eager to learn how Internet of Things and platforms like GE Predix are changing the world by automating various real-life industry scenarios.

    About the Presenter

    Abhilash Shrivastava is a web developer at Storied with 5+ years of development experience under his belt. He is also a Graduate Research Assistant at San Francisco State University, serving as a Special Assistant for Data and IT at the Campus Academic Resource Program. At a recent Predix hackathon, his team got the third place in the overall category and also grabbed the categorial prize for the “Most Effective Use of Predix Services.”

    Smart Watering System
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