Hyperledger Blockchain and Trade Finance—An Introduction


March 09, 2017 | 10:00 am–11:00 am
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    Why watch this?

    Join the webinar to learn how a real life problem in Trade Finance is significantly reduced with the use of the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain technology.

    Trade finance is the process by which importers and exporters mitigate trade risk through the use of trusted intermediaries. Financial institutions (FIs) serve as the trusted intermediary providing assurance to sellers (in the event the buyer doesn’t pay) and contract certainty to buyers (in the event that goods are not received).

    Regardless of counterparty performance, payment and delivery terms (e.g. prepayment, piecemeal or upon delivery) are documented in a letter of credit or open account contract vehicle. FIs command a fee for documentation/oversight of payment terms and for taking on the risk position of either the importer or exporter.

    Why join the webinar:

    Join IBM’s Sloane Brakeville to learn how trade finance can be disrupted with the proliferation of blockchain technology.

    This session will show how the blockchain technology can apply to a trade finance use case for increased speed, reduced errors, privacy, transparency, and a scalable ecosystem. Sloane will speak about the existing problems in trade finance industry, show how a trade finance network looks like now, and how blockchain improves the situation.

    Sloane will also provide a solution powered by Hyperledger Fabric technology, and show the demo developed by IBM blockchain team.


    • Blockchain and Hyperledger basics
    • Blockchain for Trade Finance
    • Use case explanation
    • As-is process flow
    • To-be process flow (with blockchain)
    • Demo
    • Q&A

    Who should watch:

    • Senior leadership and heads of innovation initiatives at banks, financial institutions, insurance firms, consultancies, other enterprises
    • Developers and blockchain enthusiasts interested in contributing to the Hyperledger development

    About the speaker:

    Sloane Brakeville is a member of the Blockchain Labs at IBM.

    He helps clients grasp how to apply blockchain / distributed ledger technology to prepare for the oncoming decentralization revolution. Working with IBM Blockchain and Hyperledger, Sloane has helped build blockchain projects that have tangible impact in the Financial Services, Trade Finance, Media, Entertainment, and Supply Chain industries.

    Notable ventures Sloane has been engaged with include the HSBC and Bank of America Letter of Credit project, and a major Canadian Bank Proof of Concept demonstrating the capacity of Hyperledger to show consolidated credit risk of customers.

    Hyperledger trade finance webinar
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