End-to-End Baggage Custody: How to Improve Customer Experiences to Everyone’s Advantage


August 30, 2016 | 11:00 am–12:00 pm
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    Why watch this?


    Cloud computing and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) promise 21st-century deployments to enterprises in all industries, including aviation.

    In particular, cloud technologies can help airlines improve customer experiences in a crucial area: end-to-end baggage handling. In adopting cloud technologies in this area, airlines can also strengthen their loyalty programs.

    The Issue

    Millions of bags are mishandled by airlines each year, at a cost to the industry of hundreds of millions of dollars and upset customers.

    The Solution

    Development and deployment of an IIoT solution for airlines means the bags are the “things” in this world. Specific data about each bag and where it is located is transmitted to the airlines and customers.

    When airlines and their customers all know where any individual bag is, and precisely what will happen if by chance it’s been mishandled, many benefits occur:

    • Airlines have a real-time record of each piece, eliminating costly delays in handling the pieces that are mishandled
    • Customers have the same information. They gain knowledge and confidence in knowing where there bag is and what’s going on with it
    • By offering an industry-leading baggage-handling program as a competitive differentiator, airlines can strengthen their customer loyalty programs while retaining customers and keeping them happy.

    Why join the webinar:

    • Discover how airlines can improve the customer experience.
    • Learn how airlines can reduce costs and decrease departure delays by implementing a sophisticated, effective solution.
    • Explore opportunities to create additional customer services, such as remote bag check-in/pickup and more.


    • Introduction to how airlines are designing and deploying into the Internet of Things
    • Overview of architecture and system requirements, and how to address them
    • Demo of an end -to-end prototype of a baggage-tracking solution
    • Q&A

    Who should attend:

    This webinar will be of interest to Passenger Experience Managers, Digital Solutions Leads, IoT Practice Leads, and business-side executives in the airline industry who are looking to improve their passengers’ experience.

    About presenters:

    Roger Strukhoff is Director of Research at Altoros. He also serves as Conference Chair of Cloud Expo (New York and Santa Clara), Track Chair of the DCD Converged global series of events, and Co-Chair of the Big Data World Forum (Beijing). Previously, he was Director of Global Content at TIBCO Software and VP of New Technologies at IDG. Roger has a BA from Knox College, Certificate in Technical Communications from UC-Berkeley, and conducted MBA studies at Cal State-East Bay.

    Sergey Yaroshko focuses on product and market strategies that leverage the Internet of Things. He is a skilled analyst and facilitator, able to combine technology trends within the business and culture of organizations and their evolution. Whilst he still has interest in wireless sensor networks, advanced signal processing techniques, data aggregation and energy harvesting techniques, he has also a strong background in business and marketing.

    Alex Sologub is a Software Engineer at Altoros. With 6+ years in software engineering, he is an expert in cloud automation and designing architectures for complex cloud-based systems. With extensive experience in Ruby, Go, and Javascript, he took part in integrating a number of popular clouds with RightScale (a web-based platform for managing cloud infrastructure from multiple providers). His professional interests include IoT solutions powered by cloud technologies, as well as designing architectures that meet customers’ needs. Alexander has spoken at several local IT conferences.

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