Deep Learning for Cyber Security


February 28, 2017 | 10:00 am–11:00 am
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    In this webinar, Steven Hutt, Consultant in Deep Learning and Financial Risk, will provide an overview of network anomaly detection.


    • Searching for anomalous network flows is a challenging task due to the wide statistical variety of network behavior
    • Overview of past applications of Machine Learning to network anomaly detection
    • The advantages and challenges of a Deep Learning approach
    • Handling categorical data in Deep Learning

    Who should attend:

    This webinar will be of interest to Data Scientists, Software Engineers and Entrepreneurs in the areas of Connected Cars, Internet of Things/Industrial Internet, Medical Devices, Financial Technology (blockchain) and predictive apps/APIs of all sorts.

    About the presenter:

    Steven Hutt is a consultant in Deep Learning and Financial Risk, currently working in Cyber Security and Algorithmic Trading. He has previously been head quant for credit at UBS and Morgan Stanley, and before that a mathematician doing stuff in an obscure branch of topology.

    TensorFlow webinar
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