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Boost Your Processes with Blockchain for a Supply chain!

Blockchain experts at Altoros help customers to enhance their business landscape and bring the track-and-trace process to the next level.

Boost Your Processes with Blockchain for a Supply chain!

How blockchain can help supply chains

Improved task execution and process management efforts

Improved task execution and process management efforts

  • The improved event monitoring process
  • Time-efficient and accurate data provenance
  • The established synergy between stakeholders
  • Automated manual efforts and critical issues control
  • Prompt notifications of potential fallouts and eliminated risk of reactive management
Accurate planning and eliminated number of failed fulfilments

Accurate planning and eliminated number of failed fulfilments

  • Minimized inventory shortages and avoided reactive resupply
  • Quicker information processing that improves sales volume
  • Real-time information to ensure on-time goods delivery
  • Predictive analytics decreasing the level of discounting or write-offs
Mitigated complexity and increased transparency through automation

Mitigated complexity and increased transparency through automation

  • Single and timestamped data sharing systems
  • Better adaptation of supply chain systems to rapid changes
  • Connected demands of the global supply chain to the actual needs of end users
  • Full-item data control in a supply chain available to all actors
Try the cutting-edge technology that perfectly aids supply chain management.

We help to build a blockchain platform for a supply chain that works for your industry-specific needs


Supply chain solutions

We help organizations to streamline ineffective processes and foster supply chain savings by using the distributed ledger technology (DLT). Blockchain integration with your supply chain system allows for saving time for all the parties involved, lowering operational costs, and significantly reducing risks.


Proof of concept

Running several PoCs, we provide a smart and risk-free approach based on testing the DLT combinations, your current supply chain processes, and the logistics system before blockchain integration.


Corporate training

We'll save your time by transferring knowledge to your engineers sufficient for elaborating a well-designed technical architecture that meets all your business needs. Our corporate training courses are a good start for building your blockchain-based supply chain system.

Supply-chain management platforms to explore


Production pilot for a clothing manufacturer

Altoros has developed a system that keeps records and documents uploaded by entities comprising a supply chain in the distributed ledger.

As a result of the collaboration, the customer managed to:

  • Increase supply chain efficiency and reduce operational costs
  • Reduce fraud and human error risks
  • Build a user-friendly environment and eliminate job stress

Solution for a multinational retail corporation

Altoros has helped to build an ecosystem with a trusted and shared source of information for the customer and its partners.

The outcomes:

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Guaranteed data immutability
  • Improved traceability of operational activities

Automobile spare parts supply tracking

Altoros designed a decentralized platform for an automotive dealership network:

  • Tracking the origin of spare parts
  • Indicating an item’s availability from stockpiles
  • A purchase request placement on a dashboard
  • Ownership transfer confirmation recorded in a distributed ledger
  • Supply chain history tracking—from a production site to a customer

International freight forwarding: goods supply tracking and reimbursements

The platform is designed for international transportation management for both import and export shipments. Based on Hyperledger Fabric, the platform reduces the time spent on processing documents and data.

  • One platform and seven different roles: a buyer, supplier, transport agency, governing body 1, governing body 2, factoring company, and buyer’s bank
  • Ownership transfer of the trade debt is enabled
  • Guarantor system for eliminating counterparty risks
  • Real-time event tracking

Supply-chain management platforms to explore

Why choose Altoros as a blockchain services provider

  • Broad expertise
    Altoros has 3+ years of real experience in building production-grade solutions with DLT as well as delivering projects on top of cloud, machine learning, IoT, and Big data.
  • Hyperledger general member
    Altoros contributes to open-source blockchain initiatives, including the Hyperledger Project by the Linux Foundation.
  • The certified blockchain development team
    Our expert team provides an optimal blockchain service and guides you through the implementation of a DLT-based product of choice.
  • Enterprise training
    As a Hyperledger training partner, Altoros offers powerful training sessions to help in-house technical teams to easily build and operate a DLT solution.

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