Boost Your Agility with Altoros Kubernetes Services

As a Kubernetes Partner and certified service provider, Altoros ensures efficient Kubernetes implementation within your business. By providing expert advice on adopting a cost-efficient container orchestrator, we help Global 2000 companies to achieve their DevOps goals.

Boost Your Agility with Altoros Kubernetes Services
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Kubernetes Features

Kubernetes progressively rolls out changes to your application or its configuration, while monitoring application health to ensure it doesn't kill all your instances at the same time. If something goes wrong, Kubernetes will rollback the change for you. Take advantage of a growing ecosystem of deployment solutions.

No need to modify your application to use an unfamiliar service discovery mechanism. Kubernetes gives Pods their own IP addresses and a single DNS name for a set of Pods, and can load-balance across them.

Routing of service traffic based upon cluster topology.

Automatically mount the storage system of your choice, whether from local storage, a public cloud provider such as GCP or AWS, or a network storage system such as NFS, iSCSI, Gluster, Ceph, Cinder, or Flocker.

Deploy and update secrets and application configuration without rebuilding your image and without exposing secrets in your stack configuration.

Automatically places containers based on their resource requirements and other constraints, while not sacrificing availability. Mix critical and best-effort workloads in order to drive up utilization and save even more resources.

In addition to services, Kubernetes can manage your batch and CI workloads, replacing containers that fail, if desired.

Allocation of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses to Pods and Services

Scale your application up and down with a simple command, with a UI, or automatically based on CPU usage.

Restarts containers that fail, replaces and reschedules containers when nodes die, kills containers that don't respond to your user-defined health check, and doesn't advertise them to clients until they are ready to serve.

Benefits we bring

Altoros will help your company to skyrocket by bringing along:

Altoros will help your company to skyrocket by bringing along:

  • A strategic plan to overcome bottlenecks and successfully build a future path
  • A finely tuned and highly available Kubernetes deployment
  • An application portfolio flawlessly running in a cloud environment
  • Reduced infrastructure costs by 40%
  • An improved cross-team collaboration
  • Quick onboarding of your engineers with Altoros training

Let us help you to implement Kubernetes

Smart companies like yours are keeping their competitive edge and staying nimble by moving to the cloud. However, many find the journey to Kubernetes services difficult.

Too many choices

Too many choices

With more than 700 vendors and products, it's easy to pick ones that don't fit your needs.

Fear or failure

Fear or failure

Uncertainty about next steps can lead to inertia - and declining market share.

Tech turnover

Tech turnover

Working with yesterday's technology drives away top IT talent.

Enable scalable and secure processes with the top-notch container orchestrator

Today, businesses aim to build a stable cloud environment to ensure better service delivery and increase their customers’ loyalty.

Our world-class tech team helps you to develop a Kubernetes adoption strategy to gain significant profit. By providing proper knowledge sharing, as well as a necessary pool of resources, we deliver fully managed solutions to help you handle mission-critical apps on top of Kubernetes.

We turn your business goals into value with our Kubernetes expertise approved by 50+ Global 2000 organizations.

Advisory services
Implementation and enablement
CI/CD Pipeline Implementation in Kubernetes
Application modernization and development
Increase your profit and productivity with a cost efficient container orchestration platform.

Kubernetes Special Offers



Our Kubernetes best practices are at your service:

  • Advantageous patterns
  • Network and file system optimization
  • Cluster security, logging, and health checks setups
  • Container images verification and environments setups
  • Helm charts, CI/CD, etc.

Deliverables: you will get a detailed description of all the possible options for improvement of your current architecture.



  • Reviewing your Kubernetes installation
  • Providing you with a document listing all the bottlenecks identified
  • Delivering detailed recommendations to improve your production environment

Deliverables: you will get a comprehensive description of all the bottlenecks found across your Kubernetes installation along with recommendations on how to address the issues.



Altoros provides security audits of the existing Kubernetes installations to ensure:

  • Kubernetes security meets the needs of your organization
  • Images and containers are free of vulnerabilities
  • Overall security complies with government, business, and industry-specific standards

Deliverables: you will get a detailed description of the vulnerabilities detected across your Kubernetes installation along with the strategies to address the issues.



Altoros benchmarking services include:

  • Building a proof of concept (PoC) based on open-source app samples
  • Testing the PoC on different Kubernetes distributions (Google Cloud Platform, Pivotal Container Service, Amazon EKS, Amazon ECS, Azure Kubernetes Service, OpenShift, etc.)
  • Ensure compliance with custom test requirements (ease of use, performance, custom tests, etc.)

Deliverables: you will get a PoC along with the benchmark to make a smart decision which Kubernetes distribution and the underlying IaaS fits your needs better.



We are ready to help you choose the optimal IaaS and Kubernetes distribution matching your budget.

  • Estimating the cost of your infrastructure
  • Taking in account large workloads
  • Getting the best of your budget

Deliverables: you will get recommendations on the optimal Kubernetes distribution and IaaS to fit your budget along with suggestions on optimization of your Kubernetes expenses.

Fully managed Kubernetes solutions

Engineers at Altoros will develop a production-level Kubernetes enablement roadmap to accelerate the adoption of the most advanced container orchestration tool at the moment.

  • Assessment and strategy planning
  • Kubernetes enablement
  • Application containerization and migration
  • Support
  • Training
  • Legacy applications refactoring to enable them in a cloud-native environment, making sure they comply with the 12-factor app principles
  • Transforming your application architecture by converting it to microservices
  • Applications encapsulation into containers
  • Implementing the strategy of migrating containerized applications to Kubernetes
  • A 3-day Fundamentals hands-on training, covering essential skills required for Kubernetes deployment and daily operations
  • A 4-day Deep Dive hands-on training, covering advanced Kubernetes deployment techniques and operation tasks for managing Kubernetes clusters
Accelerate the adoption of the most advanced container orchestration tool today!

We work with

VMware TanzuAzure kubernetes serviceAmazonEKSRancher

Digital transformation stimulates businesses to build a proper digital environment and find new ways to address customer needs, while providing better services to increase loyalty.

Our world-class tech team helps you to transform and optimize business processes to gain significant profit. We turn your business goals into value, relying on our expertise approved by 50+ Global 2000 organizations.

Sizeable cost savings through optimization of the software development life cycle

    Implementation of the open-source Kubernetes and its vendor distributions (e.g., VMware Tanzu Application Service, Microsoft Azure, Amazon EKS, etc.) to enhance the software development life cycle

    Building continuous integration/delivery pipelines (Concourse, Jenkins, etc.) to improve and automate a development life cycle

    Optimizing software to increase operational capacity, alleviate server maintenance, cut costs, deliver timely security updates, and easily integrate newer technologies

Enhanced time to market with modern app design and cloud development principles

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