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IBM Cloud Foundry Managed Services

IBM announced the sunset of IBM Dedicated Cloud and launched its enterprise-level Cloud Foundry platform.

Leverage the benefits of enterprise-grade IBM Cloud Foundry without the operational routine.

IBM Cloud Foundry Managed Services

Why partner with Altoros as a Managed Service Provider

  • Altoros is a founding member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation and has been servicing CF users since 2013
  • Altoros had 100+ CF engagements for 50+ Fortune 500/Global 2000 customers
  • Some of the biggest deployments: 2000+ developers, 10000+ applications, 50+ foundations
  • Altoros offers a combination of platform enablement, systems integration, and cloud-native software development
  • Altoros is not only a services but also a training provider. Altoros has trained hundreds of developers for some customers and employs a unique training approach that includes classroom training, mentoring, and code review
  • Our partners trust us serving their customers in various capacities including: strategic planning, platform ownership and driving its adoption, product management, technical leadership, solution architecture, site reliability engineering

IBM Cloud Foundry Managed Services

Altoros is an authorised IBM Cloud Foundry Managed Service Provider helping IBM Cloud Foundry customers perform administrative and operational tasks: monitoring health, handling alerts, executing upgrades, scaling up and down the environment, etc.

We offer Cloud Foundry Administrator and Environment Administrator roles tasks performed by our highly-skilled Cloud Foundry experts.

Cloud Foundry Administrator

  • Works closely with developers to ensure they get the most value from the Cloud Foundry platform
  • Manages product team user permissions, orgs, spaces and quotas
  • Manages application security groups, domains and buildpacks
  • Handles day to day operations, developer queries and troubleshoot application issues
  • Assists developers integrating their Cloud Foundry applications with third-party services, databases etc
  • Enables or adds features to Cloud Foundry based on product requirements and requests from Developers
  • Monitors smoke tests, creates sample applications and templates for Developers
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Environment Administrator

  • Ensures environments are stable, matching reference architecture and are created/deleted as required, e.g. Sandbox, Non-Production, Production
  • Manages networking and security at the infrastructure level
  • Manages infrastructure resources, such as object storage, DNS, IAM, load balancers, CI/CD tools, artifact repository management tools
  • Manages service integrations for Cloud Foundry, such as external databases, message queues, monitoring and logging systems
  • Reports on Key Scaling Indicators, Key Performance Indicators and taking appropriate action to ensure high utilisation and SLAs are met
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What we offer for IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise customers

Migration to IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise
Managed Service Provider
App transformation
Leverage the benefits of enterprise-grade IBM Cloud Foundry without the operational burden.

Altoros empowered 50+ Fortune 500/Global 2000 companies

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