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Applying Artificial Intelligence for Your Business

Enhance your analysis efforts and employ powerful artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that transform unstructured data into valuable business insights.

Applying Artificial Intelligence for Your Business

How businesses benefit from building a proof of concept (PoC)

  • Testing the capability of the future AI project
  • Deep knowledge of your data that delivers concrete value
  • Validation of your business idea
  • Identifying potential bottlenecks and drafting viable solutions
  • Performing comparative analyses of multiple approaches
  • Working out a cost-efficient strategy of developing an AI solution
Figure out the right solution to streamline your business processes in three months.

AI proof of concept development

Altoros aids its customers in researching and evaluating available AI tools and algorithms to implement the best fit and address the pain points. Validate the feasibility of your idea with a proof of concept tailored to the specifics of your case.


Business needs

Consult with Altoros experts to design business use cases and dive deep into the world of artificial intelligence.


Elaborated options

Leverage the available data to evaluate the existing cognitive APIs and custom state-of-art AI systems and solutions.


Solution candidates

We compile a list of approved AI models that satisfy both the engineering and business goals of our customer.


Next steps

Now that we have a set of AI models, we take a closer look at them to determine which are accurate and effective enough to be included in the PoC scope.

We help to check your idea's validity for your business.

What comes next

After an AI model is selected, we move over to results evaluation and deployment.


Selected model



  • Evaluate the results
  • Review the process
  • Determine next steps


  • Outline the deployment, monitoring, and maintenance plan
  • Produce a final report
  • Review the project

What we can offer as a leading AI development company

  • Proof of concept creation and deployment
    Clarifying your business objectives, we deliver a quick PoC to validate the applicability of your solution with 10+ artificial intelligence models and 20+ machine learning algorithms tested.
  • Minimum viable product development
    Altoros assists you in developing a competitive AI-based solution that covers your business needs, as well as collects and analyzes feedback from early users.
  • Hands-on corporate training
    Altoros has delivered 40+ training sessions to enterprise customers across industries, providing technical teams with valuable skills to start with popular machine learning frameworks and tools.
  • AI consulting and support
    With vast expertise in implementing AI solutions, the team at Altoros reviews your idea and provides cost-free consultations on further steps to successfully complete your business goal.

Our technology expertise

Altoros team use the latest technologies to create top-notch AI solutions with due account for the best industry practices.

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