The NoSQL Technical Comparison Report: Cassandra (DataStax), MongoDB, and Couchbase Server

Download this 53-page report to get an in-depth analysis of the leading NoSQL systems: Cassandra, MongoDB, and Couchbase.
Why read this?

Unlike other comparisons that focus only on one or two dimensions, this research approaches the databases from 20+ angles, including performance, scalability, availability, ease of installation, maintenance, data consistency, fault tolerance, replication, recovery, etc. With 29 diagrams, this paper also features a scoring framework/template for evaluating and comparing NoSQL data stores for your particular use case—depending on the weight of each criterion.

Key take-aways:

  • Get a comprehensive scoring framework for evaluating NoSQL data stores based on 20+ criteria
  • View a summary table that sums up how MongoDB, Cassandra, and Couchbase Server scored for each criterion—on a scale from 1 to 10
  • View 29 charts that demonstrate how MongoDB, Cassandra (DataStax), and Couchbase Server performed and scaled under 4 different types of workload
  • Learn the recommendations on the best ways to configure, install, and use NoSQL databases depending on their specific features