Redis-as-a-Service Performance Benchmark: Redis Cloud, ElastiCache, openredis, RedisGreen, and Redis To Go

This 11-page research provides a detailed comparison of six major Redis-as-a-Service providers.
Why read this?

Unlike most performance benchmarks that focus on single get/set operations, this comparison evaluates the behavior of Redis Cloud Standard, Redis Cloud Cluster, ElastiCache, openredis, RedisGreen, and Redis To Go under three scenarios:

  • a simple workload, which uses pipelines of 4 and 50 requests
  • a complex workload with a varied number of client threads (1, 3, and 5) to assess scalability
  • a combined workload that imitates a real-life Redis use case by running two different types of queries concurrently

The results of the benchmark are illustrated with 3 comparative tables and 8 performance diagrams.