Technical NoSQL Comparison Report 2019: Couchbase Server v6.0, DataStax Enterprise v6.7 (Cassandra), and MongoDB v4.0

This 61-page report evaluates and compares the performance of three popular NoSQL databases across 24 criteria.
Why read this?

NoSQL solutions were developed in response to rapidly growing data sets, data structure organization, and data access management. However, the implementation and performance of each NoSQL database differ, so it is important to know the distinctions.

This technical report contains an in-depth analysis of three leading NoSQL databases: Couchbase Server v6.0, MongoDB v4.0, and DataStax Enterprise v6.7 (Cassandra). The systems were evaluated across multiple criteria—including, but not limited to, topology, scalability, recpication, security, backup, analytics, logging, statistics, etc. By downloading the paper, you will get:

  • recommendations for installing and configuring each of the NoSQL databases
  • summary tables for each criterion to see how Couchbase Server, MongoDB, and Cassandra scored on a scale from 1 to 10
  • an overall comparative summary table that tallies and totals all of the scores across 24 criteria

The results of the evaluation are supported by 26 scoring tables and 17 diagrams.