Hadoop on Windows Azure: Hive vs. JavaScript for Processing Big Data

This study provides an overview of two out-of-the-box ways of processing big data with Hadoop on Windows Azure—Hive querying and JavaScript implementations—and compares their performance. It contains two tables and three graphs with the findings.

Key take-aways:

  • Compare the performance results for 8 types of queries achieved with Hive and JavaScript implementations
  • Find out how additional grouping parameters and type of an arithmetic operation affect the throughput
  • Learn about the dependency between the number of MapReduce tasks and the speed of calculations
  • Discover how the HDFS block size (8 MB, 64 MB, and 256 MB) influences performance
  • Reveal what’s new in Windows Azure HDInsight—the updated version of the service and get more details on the .NET SDK for Hadoop