Evaluation: NetApp E-Series for Couchbase Deployments

This 11-page paper explores performance, scalability, and availability of the NetApp E-Series data storage and management system deployed with Couchbase Server.
Why read this?

Designed for high-speed transactional apps that demand high IOPS and consistent low latency, NetApp E-Series all-flash arrays may deliver 650,000+ sustained IOPS and response times measured in microseconds. Systems like that can be used to maximize the efficiency of NoSQL-based solutions and document-oriented databases, such as Couchbase Server.

This research provides a comparative table with the analysis of:

  • efficiency under disk I/O heavy workload
  • load scalability, growth planning, and flexibility
  • fault-tolerance, time-to-repair, and system recovery automation
  • disk drive health monitoring and data encryption