Essential Optimization Methods to Make Apache Spark Work Faster

This 12-page report explores the performance of Apache Spark and two of its modules—Spark Core and Spark SQL—before and after optimization.
Why read this?

Apache Spark is one of the most popular technologies for processing, managing, and analyzing big data. Different modules of Apache Spark vary in terms of performance. In this regard, knowing different optimization methods to improve query runtime is crucial.

This report focuses on the analysis of two Apache Spark modules—Spark Core and Spark SQL—before and after optimization techniques were applied. Some of the optimization methods include:

  • improving slow processes, such as Shuffle.partitions and BroadcastHashJoin
  • reconfiguring the User RDD and the Post RDD
  • replacing the default Java serializer with the Kyro serializer

The optimization results are supported by four performance diagrams and four descriptive tables.

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