Data Visualization Frameworks: Flot vs. Highcharts vs. D3

This research compares three popular but significantly different JavaScript libraries and evaluates how they handle massive data sets and real-time visualization.
Why read this?

Key take-aways:

  • Discover three powerful data visualization frameworks—Flot, Highcharts, and D3.js—and learn what data visualization options they offer
  • Learn about licensing, support for various platforms/browsers, ease of use, and required code size to select the tool that suits your needs
  • Find out how Flot, Highcharts, and D3.js perform when drawing diagrams based on big data
  • Explore 16 sample graphs with various types of charts and diagrams available in these frameworks
  • Get a brief comparative table along with our vendor-independent overview of Flot, Highcharts, and D3.js