A Comparative Analysis of Kubernetes Testing Tools: kube-bench, test-infra, Sonobuoy, and PowerfulSeal

This 11-page report compares four Kubernetes cluster testing tools across a number of covered scenarios, performance, usability, and customization.
Why read this?

It is crucial that the deployed system demonstrates high performance, resilience to high loads, a sufficient level of security, and fault tolerance. To achieve this, operators need to regularly scan the system for possible bottlenecks.

This 11-page study compares four open-source tools for testing a Kubernetes cluster—kube-bench, test-infra, Sonobuoy, and PowerfulSeal—across four criteria:

  • testing scenarios
  • performance
  • usability
  • customization

The results of the comparative analysis are supported by four comparative tables, three code samples, and two figures.