A Comparative Analysis of Kubernetes Deployment Tools: Kubespray, kops, and conjure-up

This 12-page report compares Kubespray, kops, and conjure-up across installation simplicity, configurability, scalability and distribution, supported cluster operations, performance, and debugging simplicity.
Why read this?

Manual Kubernetes deployment is inefficient in terms of time, efforts, and resources. The process gets even more complicated when it comes to on-premises installations. This 12-page technical report overviews three open-source tools—Kubespray, kops, and conjure-up—designed to facilitate the mundane deployment tasks of a production-grade Kubernetes cluster. The solutions were compared across six criteria:

  • installation simplicity
  • configurability
  • scalability and distribution
  • supported cluster operations
  • performance
  • debugging simplicity

The results of the comparative analysis are supported by six tables and two code samples.