A Comparative Analysis of Kubernetes Сluster Monitoring Tools: Kube-prometheus, Elastic, and Zabbix

This 11-page technical report compares three Kubernetes cluster monitoring tools across installation, alerting, ease of customization, ease of maintenance, and user interface.
Why read this?

Kubernetes supports a number of logging and monitoring tools out-of-the-box. These tools are capable of providing basic information and can be customized to the user’s needs. However, for more complex operations, it is worth considering third-party monitoring tools.

This 11-page study сompares three open-source monitoring tools: Kube-prometheus, Elastic, and Zabbix across five criteria:

  • installation
  • alerting
  • ease of customization
  • ease of maintenance
  • user interface

The results of the comparative analysis are supported by five figures, five comparative tables, and four code samples.