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How to Build a Private Network on Blockchain : 1-Day Business Course [NYC]


November 24, 2018

1-Day Classroom Hyperledger Fabric Training for Business and Technical Experts

Attend this intensive 1-day course BEFORE you make a decision to build a Proof of Concept or a Minimum Viable Product for your corporate blockchain. After this training, you will be able to clearly formulate the requirements to your PoC / MVP engineers:

  • Clarify the structure of data sets recorded in the distributed ledger(s): how your ledger is supposed to look like
  • Define the process flow (blueprint) of your future blockchain platform
  • Describe business logic that can be implemented in Smart contracts
  • Define requirements for user interface (API)

You will learn essentials of public and private blockchains, see how to design architecture and to deploy a private blockchain network. You will also get familiar with Smart contracts applied in popular use cases and various business functions.

Note: blockchain solutions started by initiators before and after attending the training differ significantly. Get a proper understanding of your use case, formulate clear requirements to your blockchain project and thus reduce the risk of making ineffective investment in your PoC.

Who should attend?

Mixed teams of technical and business executives with diverse expertise (those who make decisions on applying blockchain solutions for business needs): Customer relations, Logistics, Trade channels, Financeand IT.
Recommended for teams of 12-20 people.

Training program

Day 1




  • Introduction to blockchain technology.
  • Public and permissioned blockchains.

WORKSHOP (lecture)

  • Overview of Hyperledger Project and its frameworks for business: INDY, IROHA, SAWTOOTH.
  • Hyperledger FABRIC architecture. The network participants, elements, transactions processing, smart contracts functioning.
  • Use cases overview: banking, finance, investments, OTC market, standardised trading, syndicated loan, clearing systems, insurance, supply chains, pharmaceuticals, shared services.
  • Developed by Altoros: “Corporate Bond issuing and trading platform”

WORKSHOP (practice)

  • Test network deployment and transactions processing: local and multi-server mode
  • Use Hyperledger Composer to create the first blockchain application for your business case
  • Measure performance of your corporate blockchain with Hyperledger Caliper and troubleshoot the network

WORKSHOP (practice)

  • Hands-on practice with a DEMO-network (POC): an OTC trading platform & clearing system designed for the “Reinsurance network”. Participants play the roles of the network nodes: create assets, process transactions, generate reports.

At the end of the course, all participants receive a certificate of attendance. This certificate includes the training duration and contents, and proves the attendee’s knowledge of the emerging technology.


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