Cloud Foundry Upgrade Services

Cloud Foundry Upgrade Services

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The new-generation Cloud Foundry is not a mere collection of improvements to v.2—large portions of the architecture have been rewritten from scratch to improve extendability, reliability, and add more features. Upgrade now to reap all the benefits.

Why upgrade now?

Docker support

The Garden Linux back-end brings a possibility to push Docker images to Cloud Foundry out-of-the-box. New custom back-ends can also be added.

NET support

The Garden Windows back-end makes .NET apps first-class citizens on Cloud Foundry—they can run in the same cluster with Linux-based software and Docker containers.

Batch tasks processing

The new runtime provides a uniform way to execute both batch tasks and long-running processes on CF.

Better security

Additional isolation with Linux namespaces makes containers more secure—root privileges inside a container do not give root privileges on the host VM.

Recommended approach to upgrading

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