• Multi-datacenter, multi-AZ, active-active deployments

    We help vendors establish or further evolve Cloud Foundry-based offerings that combine enterprise reliability with fault tolerance, high availability, and recoverability
  • Faster innovation for dev and ops teams

    We build custom CLIs, SDKs, infrastructure configuration plugins and server management tools to make Cloud Foundry-based solutions more usable to developers and operators alike
  • Cloud Foundry enablement on new infrastructures

    Our track record includes a number of custom BOSH CPIs and successful Cloud Foundry porting to the IBM POWER8 microprocessor architecture

Why Cloud Foundry for Your Next Integrated Cloud Offering?

  • An open source container orchestration solution addressing key enterprise concerns for security, scalability, high availability, cloud portability, and operational control

  • A production-grade cloud-native platform with a well-established enterprise client base and a mature backing

  • A highly distributed system with natively exposed backing services powered by BOSH—the open source software designed to provision and manage large distributed systems

  • A mature, all-in market offering fuelling digital transformation and cloud-native application replatforming at enterprises

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