Unified Analytics in GE’s Predix for the IIoT: Tying Operational Technology to IT


February 28, 2017 | 10:00 am–11:00 am
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    Why watch this?

    Learn how to achieve holistic operational visibility into IIoT business environments by correlating the data from Operational Technology and IT, and organizing it as a single pane of glass in accordance with business processes.


    Operational Technology (OT) comprises the hardware and software systems that monitor and control physical equipment. OT includes devices, sensors and software that identify and detect a change in physical devices, processes and events within an enterprise IT infrastructure.

    With the rapid growth of connected devices and their data, the looming challenge is not just how to connect those devices to one another and manage them, but how to connect them meaningfully and reliably to the traditional IT and business processes they power.

    In this session, John Speck of Centerity Systems will explain how you can achieve holistic operational visibility into IIoT business environments by unifying Operational Technology and IT performance, and organizing that data according to real business processes, all on a single pane of glass. John will dive into Centerity’s integration with Predix and how their joint solution can help firms to save on operational expenses (OpEx) and enable accurate and holistic business-driven decision making.

    You will learn:

    • What performance benchmarks to consider when incorporating OT into your existing IT practice
    • How to create consolidated process views of your overall OT/IT landscape for ease of operations and proactive issue resolution
    • How implementing a business service-oriented OT/IT strategy can help you attribute measurable ROI to technology initiatives
    • How sharing process views with executives, staff and customers promotes common goals and creates cycle of continuous strategic improvement

    Who should attend:

    IoT developers, architects, and business line managers who are looking for a solution that could help them systemize data, analyze it and reduce costs.

    Speaker bio:

    John Speck spends most of his time exploring the intersection of technological trends in IoT and Big Data with traditional IT systems. As head of Alliances at Centerity Systems, a leading provider of performance analytics software for complex, hybrid technology environments, John looks for forward-thinking technology vendors and solution providers to partner with that are driving disruptive and lasting innovation in IT!

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