Multi-Datacenter Cloud Foundry Deployments with BOSH, Concourse, and Vault


September 20, 2017 | 12:00 pm–13:00 pm
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    Why watch this?


    Does your company know how to create and synchronize Cloud Foundry installations as part of a single active-active deployment across multiple data centers? This webinar from Altoros describes a way to create repeatable and secure Cloud Foundry deployments using powerful open source tools. You will learn how to manage multiple Cloud Foundry environments from a control plane with BOSH, Concourse pipelines, and Vault—a centralized storage for secrets and configuration.

    What you will learn:

    • Examine the high-level architecture of a multidata center, active-active Cloud Foundry deployment
    • Delve deeper into the layers of such deployment and see what each layer is responsible for
    • Learn how BOSH, Concourse, and Vault combine to form a control plane for managing predictable, repeatable, and configurable Cloud Foundry environments across multiple data centers
    • Figure out what pipelines help reach consistency across multiple deployments
    • Learn what data needs to be backed up, recovered, and updated—and how

    Who should join:

    This webinar will be of interest to solution architects and technical managers who would like to understand how to implement an active-active Cloud Foundry deployment in their organization.  

    About the presenter:

    Aleksey Zalesov

    Aleksey Zalesov is a Cloud Foundry/DevOps Engineer at Altoros. He has seven years of experience in managing computer systems, both traditional and cloud-based. Currently, he designs and implements distributed PaaS systems based on Cloud Foundry. Aleksey is passionate about automating cloud infrastructure management with BOSH and using DevOps techniques in everyday activities. His research interests also include self-managing computer systems and techno-social interactions.

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