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TRAINING: Cloud Foundry for Operators

СF for Ops Training

July 19 @ 10:00 am - 6:00 pm


This course provides operators with the theoretical concepts and first-hand experience needed to securely manage resources and users within a Cloud Foundry installation. Starting with essentials like Cloud Foundry architecture and the application deployment and scaling process, the course teaches students how to work with orgs and spaces, quotas, and security groups within Cloud Foundry and covers advanced usage of the Cloud Foundry CLI.

The course is intended for operators seeking accelerated onboarding to the Cloud Foundry platform through in-depth understanding of theoretical concepts and lab-intensive training


  • Introduction to Cloud Foundry
  • Cloud Foundry Quick Start
  • Cloud Foundry Orgs and Spaces
  • Cloud Foundry Quotas
  • Cloud Foundry Security Groups
  • Advanced Cloud Foundry CLI Usage


Juan Pablo Genovese is a Cloud Engineer/Trainer at Altoros. He has been developing software for 19 years. Juan Pablo is focused on training new DevOps Engineers at Altoros and helping customers to adopt and use Cloud Foundry. His professional interests include high-performance/highly available solutions with cloud technologies, as well as designing architectures that meet customers’ needs.


Sergey Matyukevich, Cloud Engineer, Altoros

Sergey Matyukevich is a Solutions Architect at Altoros. With 6+ years in software engineering, he is an expert in cloud automation and designing architectures for complex cloud-based systems. He has also designed and delivered a range of training courses on Cloud Foundry and cloud-native development for DevOps engineers, software developers, and architects.


Michael Jacobi

Michael Jacobi is a Principal System Architect at Altoros. He has over 20 years in IT in various roles such as systems and network administration and engineering, consulting, and management. Most recently, Mike managed Cloud Foundry deployments for Adobe Systems before joining Altoros.



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