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Pivotal Cloud Foundry Tile Development

At Altoros, we help companies to successfully integrate the Pivotal platform with their current systems by developing the key platform add-ons that facilitate user adoption.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry Tile Development

Pivotal strategic partnership

Assisting enterprises in fast-tracking their digital transformation journey with the Pivotal platform, Altoros was recognized as the Systems Integrator Partner of the Year for Customer Collaboration by Pivotal. With the largest Cloud Foundry teams on the market, Altoros has vast experience in delivering enterprise-grade solutions on top of Pivotal Platform and open-source Cloud Foundry.

Pivotal strategic partnership

PCF tiles developed by Altoros

Altoros is an active contributor to the Pivotal Marketplace with a number of PCF tiles delivered and integrated.

Altoros Jenkins for PCF
Altoros Log Search for PCF
Altoros Elasticsearch for PCF
Altoros Cassandra for PCF
Altoros AWS S3 for PCF
Want to expand your cloud capabilities to improve and automate your operational processes?

The main features employed

  • all the mission-critical functionality covered
  • following Pivotal's quality standards and ensuring consistent user experience throughout the entire cloud platform journey
  • addressing the required level of availability, scalability, and security
  • thoroughly supported and maintained over time as new versions are being released
  • the system performance is monitored to identify issues in production as early as possible
  • tutorials and code samples for quick onboarding included

PCF tile development for your business

With custom-developed PCF tiles, you can address a particular set of needs:

  • manage the Pivotal CF platform in-a-click
  • accelerate the process of building and delivering cloud apps
  • build solutions of your own for the PCF Marketplace
  • extend your deployment with various data management systems

Solve your current business issues by developing and integrating Pivotal Cloud Foundry tiles

Solve your current business issues by developing and integrating Pivotal Cloud Foundry tiles
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