Kubernetes Platform Readiness and Maturity Assessment

It is not only about Kubernetes. Logging, Service Mesh, HA/DR, Networking, Security, Training, Support, and Proper Culture – all are important. Understand where you are in your Kubernetes adoption journey, what your gaps are, what you need to focus on right now and why. Avoid critical mistakes to maximize ROI.

Kubernetes Platform Readiness and Maturity Assessment
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What we offer

For team leaders.

Evaluating organizational structure, app implementation, as well as identifying potential issues

For architects, developers, and QA engineers.

Identifying existing pain points and introducing to the 12-factor methodology

Benefits we bring

Visibility into platform readiness to production, as well as the revision of business processes, technologies in use, and employees’ skill sets

A clear understanding on how the in-house processes and architecture align with cloud-native best practices

Defined steps to improve your organization’s capacity and achieve maturity of your Kubernetes deployment

The Kubernetes Maturity Assessment

We offer a unique tool to understand where your company currently is and help you get to where you want to be.

We start by assessing the stage your company is at and defining the direction you want to take through analyzing, testing, and examining your work processes. As a result, you get a realistic strategy for achieving your business objectives.

Where are you at in your Kubernetes journey?


What you get with Altoros

  • Interviews (via video conferencing tools or onsite) and documentation reviews
  • Recommendations for organizational shifts and architectural changes
  • A comprehensive roadmap for improvement based on the company level and the apps’ maturity along with cloud-native best practices
  • Presenting the assessment findings, including the session summary and a backlog of prioritized activities

Consulting services we offer

Kubernetes Platform Readiness and Maturity Assessment
Kubernetes Implementation and Enablement
Production Grade MVP
Application modernization and development

Altoros empowered 50+ Fortune 500/Global 2000 companies


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The Kubernetes Maturity Assessment


Platform adoption

What workloads are you running?

The Kubernetes Maturity Assessment



How do you provision clusters?

The Kubernetes Maturity Assessment


High availability/ resilience/ reliability

What is your level of high availability?

The Kubernetes Maturity Assessment


Platform operations

How do you do the platform operations?

The Kubernetes Maturity Assessment


Developers' skills

What is your developers' experience level?

The Kubernetes Maturity Assessment


Container images

How do you use container images?

The Kubernetes Maturity Assessment


Image registry

Where are your container images stored?

The Kubernetes Maturity Assessment


Implementation and support services

What is the support level?

The Kubernetes Maturity Assessment

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The Kubernetes Maturity Assessment

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The Kubernetes Maturity Assessment