A Kubernetes Production-Grade MVP on VMware Tanzu

Kubernetes is widely adopted in cloud-native development due to its ability to deploy and orchestrate containers efficiently. However, organizations of various sizes may face challenges when bringing Kubernetes to production. Some common issues include insufficient security, the lack of proper logging/monitoring, and poor configuration of key cluster components (message queues, image registry, etc.)

Engineers at Altoros deliver a minimum viable product (MVP) of a Kubernetes cluster running on VMware Tanzu and seamlessly integrate major platform components into the existing infrastructure. Validate your business idea and check if all non-/functional, usability, performance, and compliance requirements are met.

A Kubernetes Production-Grade MVP on VMware Tanzu
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What we offer


Experts at Altoros carefully examine customer needs, analyze the current infrastructure, and outline an implementation roadmap including best practices on Kubernetes adoption.


A Kubernetes cluster is delivered as infrastructure-as-code and integrated with the existing services.


Documented knowledge around MVP creation to accelerate the delivery of production-grade Kubernetes clusters in the future and facilitate the technology adoption by the in-house team.

The benefits we bring

Customers will obtain hands-on experience in operating a production-grade Kubernetes cluster and its essential components. Thanks to knowledge-transferring sessions provided by professionals at Altoros, the in-house team can build and deploy modern applications on top of Kubernetes in compliance with the industry standards and cloud-native principles. We share expertise around:

A CI/CD pipeline configuration for automatic app deployment and provisioning

Mechanisms to enable zero downtime for Kubernetes in production

The tooling available in VMware Tanzu to ensure high availability and security

Advanced monitoring and logging of a production-grade Kubernetes cluster

Cloud-native best practices (the Twelve-Factor methodology, a microservices architecture, etc.)

Altoros empowered 50+ Fortune 500/Global 2000 companies

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To stay ahead of the competition, businesses across industries rely on transformation and innovation. Cloud-native technologies help organizations to keep pace with rapidly evolving customer demands, as well as become more efficient and agile in service delivery.

Altoros employs a proven approach field-tested across 50+ G2000/F500 customers coupled with profound technical expertise to ensure smooth adoption of cloud technologies. We offer full-scale development services from analysis and strategy creation to implementation and ongoing support.

Cost savings thanks to an optimized software development life cycle

    Migrating legacy apps to a cloud, ensuring scalability, high availability, advanced management of computing resources, and unparalleled performance.

    Updating software to increase operational capacity, achieve ease of maintenance, enhance security, and easily integrate newer technologies.

    Decomposing large software components into loosely coupled, independent services to enable faster deployments, scalability, fault tolerance, and flexibility.

Enhanced time to market with modern app design and cloud development principles

    Delivering on-demand scalability, portability, and efficient resource utilization. Implementing Kubernetes and its distributions (e.g., VMware Tanzu Application Service, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, etc.) to automate deployments, monitoring, and infrastructure provisioning.

    Building continuous integration/delivery pipelines based on Concourse, Jenkins, etc., to streamline a development life cycle, facilitate new feature delivery, etc.

    Building robust and secure APIs, utilizing popular development architectures (e.g., REST) and protocols (SOAP, XML-RPC, etc.) to meet functional and nonfunctional requirements.

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