Build, Run and Manage Any App on Any Cloud with Altoros Kubernetes Services

Build, Run and Manage Any App on Any Cloud with Altoros Kubernetes Services

How you benefit

As a Kubernetes Partner and certified service provider, Altoros ensures efficient Kubernetes implementation within your business. By providing expert advice on adopting a cost-efficient container orchestrator, we help Global 2000 companies to achieve their DevOps goals.

Improved Productivity Owing to the Huge Ecosystem

Improved Productivity Owing to the Huge Ecosystem

One of the biggest benefits that Kubernetes offers is the ability to be more productive when building applications. Kubernetes helps you build self-service Platform-as-a-Service applications swiftly that include a layer of hardware abstraction. This layer helps development teams roll out changes faster and manage the entire set of hardware (nodes) as one single entity, controlled using the Kubernetes engine.



Kubernetes has picked up a lot of hype in the current time. But some technology is only said to be useful if it will still hold comparable usage shares 10 or 20 years down the line. With Kubernetes, this certainly seems to be the case. The benefits that Kubernetes offers over the traditional DevOps process provide a major relief to software teams and businesses all across the globe.

Variety of Workloads and Deployment Options

Variety of Workloads and Deployment Options

Teams have a variety of deployment options with Kubernetes. You can run almost any kind of application on the Kubernetes engine.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Security is a crucial factor in choosing any technology for business-related applications. Kubernetes offers native security features to protect against a wide range of threats and vulnerabilities.

Compatibility With Major Cloud Providers

Compatibility With Major Cloud Providers

The ability to run with any primary cloud provider is so important that it deserves an independent discussion. Leaders like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and others offer a quick and straightforward integration for Kubernetes-based applications. You can choose to host instances of these services in an on-premise data center and still utilize their smooth workflows for Kubernetes.

We work with

VMware TanzuAzure kubernetes serviceAmazonEKSRancher

Enable scalable and secure processes with the top-notch container orchestrator

Today, businesses aim to build a stable cloud environment to ensure better service delivery and increase their customers’ loyalty.

Our world-class tech team helps you to develop a Kubernetes adoption strategy to gain significant profit. By providing proper knowledge sharing, as well as a necessary pool of resources, we deliver fully managed solutions to help you handle mission-critical apps on top of Kubernetes.

We turn your business goals into value with our Kubernetes expertise approved by 50+ Global 2000 organizations.

Enterprise-grade Kubernetes services

Kubernetes Consulting
Kubernetes Implementation and Enablement
Cloud-Native Transformation
Application Transformation
Increase your profit and productivity with a cost efficient container orchestration platform.

Fully managed Kubernetes solutions

Engineers at Altoros will develop a production-level Kubernetes enablement roadmap to accelerate the adoption of the most advanced container orchestration tool at the moment.

Assessment and strategy planning

  • Evaluating current workflows and workloads
  • Developing a strategy and improvement guidelines to eliminate flaws in both a development life cycle and a technology stack
  • Train your team to upgrade their skills, thus speeding up the onboarding

Kubernetes enablement

  • Solution design in compliance with your needs
  • Infrastructure planning and provisioning
  • Kubernetes architecture design and enablement
  • CI/CD pipelines setup to ensure dynamic management of each solution component
  • Implementation of logging and monitoring solutions v Security provisioning v Backup strategies

Application containerization and migration

  • Legacy applications refactoring to enable them in a cloud- native environment, making sure they comply with the 12- factor app principles
  • Transforming your application architecture by converting it to microservices
  • Applications encapsulation into containers
  • Implementing the strategy of migrating containerized applications to Kubernetes


  • Monitoring solution implementation to detect and resolve possible issues before they affect the business
  • Integration of custom-fit backup/recovery solutions
  • Support subscription plans based on a "ticket-response" system tuned to your requirements

Altoros empowered 50+ Fortune 500/Global 2000 companies


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