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Istio support services at Altoros

Get a complex understanding of working with Istio—from making service mesh compatible with your existing stack to ongoing training for your team.

  • Customer’s issue categorization and analysis, support coverage, and task resolution
  • Evaluating customer’s requirements and designing a roadmap for Istio implementation based on the methodology field-tested on Global 2000 companies
  • Managed Istio installation, configuration, and integration with logging, monitoring, alerting, and tracing tools
  • Istio security customization with policy engine and a web application firewall
  • Security policy creation, assessment, and audit
  • Ongoing Istio training, support, and maintenance

Kubernetes Support packages

The ‘Business Hours Light’ Plan

40 hours of activities included during business hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT)

A monthly fee:


with annual subscription

The ‘Business Hours Medium’ Plan

80 hours of activities included during business hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT)

A monthly fee:


with annual subscription

The ‘24x7x365’ Plan

80 hours of activities included during business days and holidays (24x7)

A monthly fee:


with annual subscription

Constant support

Ensure timely updates of Istio services, as well as regular monitoring and alerting to achieve your business goals without any issues.

  • Architecture Reviews: Quarterly
  • Upgrades: Quarterly
  • Updates/Patches: Every 2 weeks unless security patches warrants earlier update
  • Monitoring: Weekly evaluation of recorded metrics
  • Alerting Evaluations: Dependent on alert severity
  • Report on Key Performance Indicators and take appropriate action to ensure high utilization and SLAs are met

The ticket submission workflow


File a support request

Phone / Email / Web


Initial processing

Based on the assigned severity level


Work with the customer

To provide guidance/instruction and/or obtain the required systems access for independent support



From tier 2 to tier 3 (if required)



Notification sent to the customer

Business Outcomes

You get

You get

  • A stable service mesh: consistent quality, fewer issues
  • Better control and visibility of network traffic
  • Enhanced security
  • Lower operational costs
  • Faster deployments
  • Practical knowledge of how to operate Istio’s full suite of integrated tools
Thanks to

Thanks to

  • 8x5/24x7 remote support with sufficient SLAs for production and non-production environments
  • Reliable and highly performant Istio configuration based on customer’s requirements
  • Proactive monitoring and maintenance, as well as timely delivery of upgrades
  • Regular evaluation and monthly check-ins to address arising issues
  • Istio-certified engineers with profound knowledge of implementation best practices
Detect possible issues before they affect your business with complex Istio support tailored specifically to your needs!

Why Choose Altoros

The team at Altoros

Platform Engineers (Kubernetes), DevOps Engineers, Software Engineers

Technology and domain experience equating to dozens of person-years of work:

100+ cloud-native software development projects since 2013, contributors to 50+ OSS projects, expertise in distributed systems and NoSQL databases.

Customer’s team

Development team (have full access to infrastructure and deployments)

Knowledge transfer and mentoring:

delivering training to teach the customer’s team the basics of working with and managing deployed Kubernetes instances.

Enjoy professional Kubernetes support from our world-class team of Kubernetes experts

  • A CNCF-certified Kubernetes service provider and training partner
  • 32 Kubernetes in-house engineers, including 12 certified Kubernetes administrators
  • 140+ engagements for Fortune 500 customers
  • 392 employees, 85% engineering, zero outsourcing
  • 9 Kubernetes meetup groups founded with 2,258 total members
  • 700+ professionals trained in Kubernetes in 2019–2020
  • 100+ contributions to free and open-source software

Altoros empowered 50+ Fortune 500/Global 2000 companies

s brand huawei
s brand sap
s brand american-airlines
s brand boeing
s brand emc2
s brand t-mobile

Digital transformation stimulates businesses to build a proper digital environment and find new ways to address customer needs, while providing better services to increase loyalty.

Our world-class tech team helps you to transform and optimize business processes to gain significant profit. We turn your business goals into value, relying on our expertise approved by 50+ Global 2000 organizations.

Sizeable cost savings through optimization of the software development life cycle

    Implementation of the open-source Kubernetes and its vendor distributions (e.g., VMware Tanzu Application Service, Microsoft Azure, Amazon EKS, etc.) to enhance the software development life cycle

    Building continuous integration/delivery pipelines (Concourse, Jenkins, etc.) to improve and automate a development life cycle

    Optimizing software to increase operational capacity, alleviate server maintenance, cut costs, deliver timely security updates, and easily integrate newer technologies

Enhanced time to market with modern app design and cloud development principles

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