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Optimizing Resource Utilization and Achieving Infrastructure Automation


A global clothing and accessories retailer turned to Altoros to automate and unify life cycle management of 12 isolated foundations.

Optimizing Resource Utilization and Achieving Infrastructure Automation

About the project

Brief results of the collaboration:

  • With VMware Tanzu and a microservices architecture, the customer achieved efficient cloud resources utilization, scalability, and ease of maintenance.
  • Relying on a Concourse-based automation pipeline, the company unified 12 isolated foundations, while optimizing their life cycle management by 4x.
  • The organization was able to efficiently manage 60 TB of data.
  • Complying with strict internal guidelines, the customer ensured security of sensitive data.

The customer

Based in the USA, the company is a worldwide clothing and accessories retailer with annual revenue of $16.6 billion. Founded in 1969, the organization manages five primary divisions and has over 3,000 stores in operation.

The need

When the customer turned to Altoros, it had a localized promotional pricing model, relying on local factors of demand and customer response to price changes. However, such a model required costly computational resources and processing of large quantities of input data from multiple sources.

Collaborating with Altoros, the company wanted to optimize usage of computational resources, achieve automation across infrastructure provisioning, and enable scalability.

The challenge

Under the project, the team at Altoros had to address the following issues:

  • With 60 TB of data from multiple sources, setting up data services was time- and effort-prohibitive.
  • Though available continuous integration/delivery tooling builds infrastructure from scratch, it was necessary to enable an automation pipeline on the precreated infrastructure due to strict security requirements.
  • As the company had 12 isolated VMware Tanzu foundations deployed to infrastructure provided by two different vendors, it was impossible to manage them in a unified and automated manner.

The solution

By bringing the localized promotional pricing system to VMware Tanzu, engineers at Altoros made it possible to scale cloud resources up and down on demand.

Through implementation of a microservices architecture, our developers achieved ease of the system’s maintenance and scalability.

With Tesora, team at Altoros facilitated setting up of data services. To further improve data management, our experts integrated the Denodo data virtualization platform.

Engineers at Altoros worked out a workflow, which allowed for consuming the precreated infrastructure and building up only the remaining components, such as virtual machines, disks, and network interfaces.

With Concourse CI, our developers automated life cycle management across 12 isolated foundations, facilitating the related processes by 4 times.

To ensure security of sensitive data, team at Altoros installed the IPsec add-on for VMware Tanzu.

The outcome

Partnering with Altoros, the customer enabled efficient cloud resources utilization, underlying its localized promotional pricing system. The company was able to improve management of 60 TB of data from multiple sources in a secure manner. Finally, the organization unified 12 isolated VMware Tanzu foundations, optimizing their life cycle management by 4x.

Technology stack


VMware Tanzu


Microsoft Azure, vSphere

Programming language


Frameworks and tools

Concourse CI, Terraform, Denodo, Tesora





60 TB

of data




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