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Automating Remote Collaboration Over Construction Processes

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A provider of construction software solutions turned to Altoros to develop a collaborative workspace for decision makers and field workers.

Automating Remote Collaboration Over Construction Processes

About the project

Brief results of the collaboration:

  • The delivered system enables investors, designers, construction companies, and field workers to efficiently collaborate on construction-related tasks remotely. Using the solution, supervisors, designers, project managers, etc. can save up to 80 hours a month on traveling between construction sites. COVID-19 imposes limitations across who can go to the construction site, while the new SaaS solution allows to collaborate when in-person visits are impossible.
  • As of now, platform is used to collaborate over 30+ projects in progress.
  • Thanks to a serverless architecture, the customer laid the foundation for scalability to handle a continuously growing number of users and prevent downtime.

The customer

Based in Finland, KeloTwin Ltd. is a provider of software solutions to the construction development industry. The startup sees its goal in improving transparency and visibility at each stage of the construction life cycle.

The need

The client has 20 years of experience in developing end-to-end business processes for various business areas and founded the company to develop the speed of data flow between the parties of a construction project. Current operating models and digital tools on construction sites are dependent on the inputs of individuals and require a site visit. If the project manager and supervisor do not visit the construction site, it can lead to delays, quality deviations from the plan, informal decision-making, etc. The situation exacerbates by the COVID-19 pandemic, which means workers run a risk of getting infected.

Relying on Altoros, the company wanted to develop a web system that would enable site managers and decision-makers to remotely monitor each construction stage, as well as a mobile app for field workers to take and share 360-degree photos of construction sites.

The challenges

Under the project, the team at Altoros had to address the following issues:

  • As the system would store sensitive information, it was crucial to ensure proper data security and compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • 360-degree photos of construction sites were heavyweight (10 MB each on average) and could affect performance of the web system.
  • Viewing those 360-degree photos on a mobile device was an essential feature. However, cross-platform libraries did not support such functionality out of the box.

The solution

Engineers at Altoros delivered a web system and a cross-platform mobile app that enables decision-makers and field workers to remotely collaborate across construction-critical processes. Using a mobile app installed on a tablet, field workers take 360-degree photos of the construction site, attach them to a virtual floor plan, and upload to the web system. In their turn, decision-makers use the system to create projects, set up tasks, and generate reports. As part of the solution, our developers built an editor that enables project managers to view 360-degree photos and provide comments right upon the photo on what has to be fixed.

The solution was built on top of AWS, making use of the platform’s multiple services. For instance, the team at Altoros employed AWS Lambda to create a serverless architecture that contributes to autoscaling, fault tolerance, and stable performance.

Using Amazon Cognito, our engineers developed an elaborate system of user roles with different permissions to access data. Amazon Cognito also ensures compliance with such security standards as ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO/IEC 27017:2015. Finally, developers at Altoros delivered data encryption to safeguard sensitive information and achieve compliance with GDPR.

Our team employed the Photo Sphere Viewer library that allows for instantly uploading and viewing heavyweight panoramic photos in web without adverse effect on performance.

By tweaking React Native WebView, our developers delivered browser-like viewing of panoramic photos on the cross-platform mobile app.

The outcome

Partnering with Altoros, KeloTwin Ltd. delivered a web system and a cross-platform app that enable decision-makers and field workers to remotely collaborate on construction-related tasks. Now, project managers, supervisors, etc., can save up to 75% of traveling time between construction sites, minimizing the risks of delivery delays and deviations from the plan. As of today, the platform is used to maintain 30+ projects in progress. With serverless architecture, the organization laid the foundation for scalability to handle a continuously growing number of users and prevent downtime.

Technology stack


Amazon Web Services

Programming languages

TypeScript, React Native

Frameworks and tools

Node.js, React.js, React Router, React Native WebView, Redux, Redux-Saga, AWS Lambda, Serverless Framework, Amazon Route 53, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Cognito, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon CloudWatch, webpack, Photo Sphere Viewer


PostgreSQL, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS




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saved travel time

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