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Automating a Kubernetes Cluster and Achieving Security Compliance


A provider of a cryptocurrency exchange marketplace turned to Altoros to automate container orchestration for its platform.

Automating a Kubernetes Cluster and Achieving Security Compliance

About the project

Brief results of the collaboration:

  • By delivering a cloud-native product through containerizing its exchange platform, the company was able to attract investment for further evolution.
  • Compliant with the financial regulations of the APAC region, the platform was deployed to VMware Enterprise PKS1 on-premises.
  • With a microservices architecture, it became possible to easily extend functionality and achieve ease of maintenance with no need to rewrite the whole system.

The customer

Based in South Korea, the organization is a provider of FinTech services with a cryptocurrency trading platform as its major product. In 2017, the platform hit top 3 in the world by cryptocurrency exchange volume.

The need

The company’s trading platform represented a monolith, which was difficult to scale. With a view to embrace a cloud-native approach, the customer decided to containerize the system.

The organization wanted to achieve automation across containerization and be able to easily add new functionality without refactoring the whole platform.

The challenges

Under the project, the team at Altoros had to address the following issues:

  • According to security regulations of the APAC market, the trading platform could only be run on-premises.
  • It was important to ensure full automation across containerization enablement and orchestration with no involvement of a DevOps team.

The solution

As the platform had to be run on-premises only, developers at Altoros containerized it using VMware Enterprise PKS1.

Our engineers delivered a BOSH-based control plane, which automated all the mundane tasks of DevOps engineers. In addition, the team at Altoros built a centralized logging component to monitor the PKS cluster. Employing Concourse, our experts enabled a continuous integration / delivery pipeline.

By decomposing the system into 8 microservices—which can be maintained independently from each other—developers at Altoros made it possible to easily extend functionality.

Through extensive workshops and consulting sessions, our engineers helped the customer’s in-house team to embrace best practices of cloud-native development and container orchestration.

The outcome

Cooperating with Altoros, the customer containerized its cryptocurrency exchange platform in an automated way. Embracing a cloud-native approach and complying with the security regulations of the APAC market, the company was able to raise investment for future development of the platform. With multiple technical sessions and consultations, the customer’s in-house team gained invaluable expertise in container orchestration.

Technology stack


VMware Tanzu


VMware vSphere

Frameworks and tools

VMware Enterprise PKS1, VMware NSX-V, VMware Harbor, PKS, BOSH, Concourse




security compliance


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