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Amazon EKS Training to Facilitate Containerization of Microservices


A financial agency turned to Altoros to gain expertise in ensuring security, scalability, and high availability for its data analytics platform using Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS).

Amazon EKS Training to Facilitate Containerization of Microservices

Executive Summary

Brief results of the collaboration:

  • With hands-on experience in image registry scanning, CIS benchmark testing, and governance with policy management, the customer can now build a comprehensive defense strategy.
  • The shared knowledge around load balancing apps enables to scale the services in accordance with growing workloads.
  • Following the recommendations around logging, monitoring, and health checks, the institution can enable high availability and fault tolerance.
  • By applying practical knowledge around automating and managing continuous integration/delivery (CI/CD) pipelines, the agency can speed up feature delivery in short order.

Improving a data analytics platform

The customer was actively involved in making forecasts on economic and industrial growth, unemployment and interest rates, etc. For this purpose, the agency utilized a data analytics platform developed years ago. However, the system was a monolith, resulting in an inability to properly scale and maintain the software. To address this, the organization decided to shift to microservices.

Additionally, the institution aimed to containerize the platform components. Bringing that plan to action, the customer already had a deployed Kubernetes cluster in a sandbox environment. Seeking fully managed experience with containers, the agency decided to migrate to Amazon EKS, which has all the necessary tooling for securing, scaling, and monitoring apps.

Relying on Altoros’s expertise as a certified Kubernetes service provider, the customer wanted to facilitate the migration through an in-depth training covering security, high availability, scalability, fault tolerance, and CI/CD automation with Amazon EKS.

The challenges

To ensure efficient collaboration, the training’s agenda had to resonate with the customer’s needs described above. In addition, the topics should align with the in-house team skills and specifics of the banking industry.

About the customer

The customer is a U.S. governmental institution that provides banking and financial services. With a history of over 100 years, the agency regulates international operations, protects consumer credit rights, etc. Currently, the institution has around 4,000 employees across the country.

A customized Amazon EKS training

After auditing the company’s requirements, Altoros created a four-day training that weighed in customer’s priorities and enabled to act accordingly. With a strong focus on hands-on practice, the program is based on the methodology field-tested on Global 2000 companies.

Helping the in-house engineers to work out a defense strategy, the training dived into image registry scanning, various API authentication methods, and governance with policy management. To further improve cluster security, our engineers introduced the attendees to the CIS benchmarking, which serves as a global standard for safeguarding a Kubernetes deployment.

Developers at Altoros explained how to load balance resources using the tooling available in Amazon EKS to achieve scalability. Our team also demonstrated how to autoscale the deployment with the Horizontal Pod Autoscaler.

Instructors at Altoros shared best practices for configuring health checks, facilitating issue detection, and enabling disaster recovery. The trainees gained expertise around logging and monitoring to track failures and perform timely debugging.

Finally, the attendees examined how to automate, manage, and troubleshoot CI/CD pipelines with Jenkins, Concourse, and Spinnaker to decrease the deployment time to minutes.

Fostering successful migration

The company gained the necessary expertise to maintain its Amazon EKS deployment, enabling enterprise-grade security, high availability, scalability, and fault tolerance. Driving the migration to Amazon EKS with the acquired knowledge base, the customer will also be able to speed up feature delivery. The delivered training provided a foundation for the customer’s in-house team to pass the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer exam.

Now, the organization has a clear path forward and a close partnership with Altoros for implementation and support.

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