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A School Resumes Studies Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic with Alarta Health Safety Control Platform


With a health safety control platform powered by artificial intelligence, a private school resumed in-person classes, ensuring safety of 500 students and 70 staff members during the second wave of the coronavirus disease.

A School Resumes Studies Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic with Alarta Health Safety Control Platform

About the project

Brief results of the collaboration:

  • By installing an AI-driven health safety control platform at locations with high foot traffic, the school safeguarded students and the staff, resuming studies in 4 weeks. After that, 13 new students enrolled from the neighboring schools.
  • Through automation of the cleaning and disinfection processes, the customer is able to save over $47,000 annually on operational costs.
  • School managers use reports to analyze the exact level of health safety in rooms in real-time. Parents are provided with access to up-to-date safety reports via links and QR codes on the facility. Local authorities are reported with the efficiency of safety measures.

The customer

The customer is a school located in Turkey. The educational institution employs 70 staff members and has 500 students attending kindergarten, junior, middle, and high school studies.

The need

Schools in Turkey closed soon after the country confirmed its first COVID-19 case. While remote classes started shortly after, this was not an option for everyone. There were no centralized systems for distance education. Furthermore, not all the families could afford the tools necessary for online classes, such as laptops or high speed Internet.

In the new academic year, Turkey is slowly reopening its schools. In order to safely resume in-person classes amid the second wave of the coronavirus, it is critical to have preventive measures ready and in place.

In this regard, a private school relied on Alarta to control and report on anti-epidemic measures effectively.

The challenges

Daily body temperature measurements, cleaning jobs and disinfection procedures, face masks wearing, and social distancing compliance, all require lots of people to be involved to organize and control. Human errors or violations of new health safety protocols can cause another wave of the virus to spread. This gives a low health safety assurance to parents worried about their kids. Teachers are also often afraid to get back to face-to-face studies.

However face-to-face education is one of the most important conditions for a kid’s social adaptation for future life.

Moreover, kids at home often make remote work impossible or very limited for parents.

The solution

To ensure proper allocation of safety measures, Alarta developing team communicated with the customer to analyze the school premises, new health safety protocols, and identify places with high foot traffic. This way, the school organized technology-driven control-points at entrances, common areas, a canteen, etc. Alarta platform successfully connected to the school’s CCTV network, air, and surface UVC disinfection modules, and provided a mobile application to control manual cleaning processes.

Altoros delivered a turn-key solution to control and report mass body temperature, automate cleaning, disinfection, and face mask compliance control. Powered by AI, the system comprises interconnected thermal cameras and CCTV coupled with cloud storage, a web dashboard, a mobile app, and a real-time reporting option.

Each AI-driven thermal camera can measure temperature of 30 individuals simultaneously at a 3-meter distance. Developers at Altoros created and trained face recognition models achieving 95% accuracy. Local CCTV controls face mask compliance and report violations instantly.

In-build web dashboard provides access to cleaning and disinfection control and schedule. The dashboard aggregated data on anti-virus measures taken in a form of detailed reports. Historical data might be used by the school board as a basis for data-driven decisions on quarantine.

The outcome

After a set-up done by Alarta engineers and a free short-term user training, Alarta was ready to be used by school staff. Within 4 weeks after the project start, the school reopened and resumed in-person classes. Automated disinfection of air and surfaces by schedule is used on a regular basis. The risk of spreading the disease was minimized. Parents were ensured of the health safety of students. Students returned to school. Parents use reports by the link and stay aware of every safety effort taken at school. With the help of reports and alerts, the school can now rely on its own internal data for the purpose of quarantine, rather than waiting for government statistics.

Technology stack


Cloud Foundry, GE’s Predix

Programming languages


Frameworks and tools

Oracle BI, React.js, Node.js, RabbitMQ, Redux




free users training
by Altoros


individuals screened
per minute


facility disinfection

2 weeks

delivery and installation
by Altoros


annual savings
on operations

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