Cloud Foundry Enablement Training

Cloud Foundry Enablement Training

Cloud Foundry for DevOps view training

Cloud Foundry for DevOps

This four-day course is an in-depth primer on building and operating Cloud Foundry clusters with BOSH as well as a deep dive into deployment, configuration, and management of Cloud Foundry installations.

Students will gain experience in deploying BOSH and Cloud Foundry. From here, the course expands on working with orgs and spaces, quotas, and security groups within Cloud Foundry and covers advanced usage of the Cloud Foundry CLI.

Day three and four are dedicated to exploring topics related to HA deployments, buildpacks, CF CLI plugins, and interaction between the BOSH Director and a BOSH Agent.

Logging and Monitoring in Cloud Foundry view training

Logging and Monitoring in Cloud Foundry

Logging and monitoring components are crucial for flawless operation of any complex real-world system, Cloud Foundry in particular.

At the training, the attendees will learn how to effectively organize activities around distributed system monitoring and collection of logs from infrastructure components, Cloud Foundry components and applications.

Centralized Log Management with the Elastic Stack view training

Centralized Log Management with the Elastic Stack

This course is a complete overview of Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, and Machine Learning features from the Elastic Stack. Attendees will learn how to leverage logs to spot infrastructure problems, business issues, or cyber attacks using dashboards, parsing rules, and machine learning algorithms. The training program covers installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of high availability Elasticsearch clusters, working with logging pipelines, and building actionable dashboards for complex, distributed systems like Cloud Foundry.


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