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Ruby Software Engineer (Cloud Foundry)

Altoros is looking for an experienced Ruby Developer to work on Cloud Foundry project. In this role you will build open source solutions, involving integration of existing products with CloudFoundry, development and maintenance of other cloud platforms for it. If you are excited to work on open source and to gain unique experience in it, we’ll be glad to see you in our team! To find out more about Cloud Foundry, please visit

Altoros is a big data and Platform-as-a-Service specialist that provides system integration for IaaS/cloud providers, software companies, and information-driven enterprises. Areas of expertise include Cloud Foundry, Hadoop, and NoSQL solutions, as well as Microsoft .NET, Java, Ruby on Rails, and mobile technologies.


  • Highly technical experience with large server and application deployments and virtualization;
  • Understanding of application, server, and network security and architecture;
  • Working knowledge of software development practices and technologies;
  • Experience working within the software development or Internet industries is highly desired;
  • Expert level in Java and Ruby. Good knowledge of Go language;
  • High Performance/Availability Systems;
  • SNMP, systems monitoring and alerting.

Core responsibilities:

  • Working on the cutting edge of a wide range of innovative uses cases;
  • Facilitating and validating Customer requirements;
  • Architecting solutions for massively scalable and resilient systems;
  • Designing software-defined networks and secure data access;
  • Building shared IT service centers for Cloud operations.

Location: Sunnyvale, CA

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