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Cloud Foundry Engineer


Design, implement, and test highly available architecture using Cloud Foundry, a multi cloud application platform. Use .Net technology to port legacy customers applications to cloud foundry platform, develop, and deliver cloud foundry. Use Go programming language to write various Go applications that implement special customer requirements in order to rewrite areas of code base that have errors that manifest with certain custom deployments and situations. Travel to various unanticipated client’s worksites.


* Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, Software Systems Engineering, or equivalent, or related field;
* 2 years of experience as Cloud Foundry Engineer, Software Engineer, Team Lead, or related occupation;
* Experience with Cloud Foundry;
* Experience with .NET technology;
* Experience with Go programming language; and
* Travel to various unanticipated client’s worksites.

Worksite: 8354 Northfield Blvd., 3rd Floor, Suite 328, Denver, CO 80202

Qualified applicants mail resumes only to Altoros Americas LLC, Attn. HR/CFE, 830 Stewart Drive, Suite 119, Sunnyvale, CA 94085

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