Hyperledger Fabric Administrator Training: Configuring and Running a Network

This two-day course provides a highly practical blockchain training on Hyperledger Fabric. You will become proficient in enterprise blockchain and fully armed to configure, set up, and manage the application life cycle. By the end of the course, you will have a DApp with a universal configuration deployed on your working station with a basic chaincode and the REST API.

Why enroll

  • Get basics of permissioned access and authority management: Membership Service Provider and Certificate Authority
  • Learn how to configure a network and a distributed ordering service
  • Explore automated deployment of the multi-host Hyperledger Fabric with the Solo orderer and a Kafka cluster
  • Gain a deep understanding of application life cycle management
  • Practice with PoCs developed for popular use cases — supply chain, over-the-counter trading — and learn how business logic is implemented in the chaincode
  • Get ready to the Hyperledger Fabric Administrator certification exam

Who should attend

  • DevOps engineers deploying and operating DApps on the cloud-based infrastructure
  • Developers writing chaincode in Golang/Java/Node.js
  • Everyone who wants to be prepared for the Certified Hyperledger Fabric Administrator exam

Training program

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  • Intro to the blockchain technology
  • Public and private blockchains
  • The Hyperledger Project and an overview of its core frameworks
Hyperledger Fabric concept and fundamentals
  • An architecture, a consensus mechanism, and a transaction flow
  • Fabric CA and Membership Service Provider (MSP)
  • Anatomy of configuration files and crypto material
  • Smart contracts (chaincode)
Application life cycle management
  • Chaincode installation and instantiation
  • Endorsement policy configuration and change
  • Management of private data collections
  • Chaincode modification or upgrade
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Hyperledger Fabric configuration and deployment automation
  • Designing an enterprise solution based on Fabric
  • Setting up a Hyperledger Fabric network in a developer mode (on a single host)
  • Multi-host Fabric Starter with the Solo-Orderer and a Kafka cluster
Use CLI commands to manage the dApp running on Fabric
  • Customizing the application
  • Reconfiguring the network: adding a new channel and chaincode
  • Adding new Organizations to the channel
  • Troubleshooting the network: analyzing peer logs
Use Hyperledger Caliper to measure performance of your blockchain
Practice with PoCs and learn about the chaincode logic
  • Supply chain management: assets origin and transfer
  • OTC trading platform: peer-to-peer direct deals
Practical advice: How to start a corporate blockchain project
  • Prototyping the distributed ledger(s) for each channel
  • Defining the sources of all types of the data
  • Drawing the diagrams of all business processes: the Actors, and how they are supposed to interact with the ledger(s)
  • Describing algorithms for the chaincode for each channel
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Basic knowledge of Golang, Java, or JavaScript (syntax, control flow)

Basic understanding of PKI and Docker

All attendees work on their laptops with:

  • Local installation of Ubuntu 16; 64-bit (dual boot or virtual)
  • Docker, Docker-compose, Go v1.8 or higher
  • An IDE with Go support: Eclipse, VSCode, JetBrains
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