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Application Modernization

Legacy system modernization is the process of optimizing obsolete software to increase operational capacity, alleviate server maintenance, cut costs, deliver timely security updates, and easily integrate newer technologies. With modernized systems in place, you will achieve the agility to adapt to changing business conditions, deliver an unparalleled customer experience, and stay ahead of the competition.

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Key approaches for application modernization

  • Cloud Computing: Rehost your apps to a modern cloud environment. As a result, you will achieve greater scalability and flexibility in accordance with the increasing demand, while reducing costs and ensuring system reliability.
  • Microservices: The microservices-based architecture implies decomposing large software components into smaller, loosely coupled pieces that can be operated independently. Microservices allow for faster deployments, efficient scalability, fault resistance, and flexibility, while experimenting with a new technology stack.
  • Containers: The best way to enable microservices is within containers. App containerization brings in a bunch of benefits such as portability across different cloud environments, efficiency in using compute resources, and scalability.
  • Container orchestration and automation: When you operate at scale, and the number of containers reaches hundreds of thousands, container orchestration comes to the rescue. It becomes possible to automate the deployment, management, scaling, availability, and networking of containers, while reducing human error.

Average customer results

82 % less time to release code into production

37 % increase in developer productivity

93 % reduction in time to scale an application

92 % less time to patch operating systems

What we offer

Evaluate and execute migration plan
Create test plan
Refactor existing application as appropriate to execute migration plan
Develop, containerize, deploy and configure new components
Create pipelines for all stages of application lifecycle
Implemented continuous delivery process
Refactor modules to optimize performance on cloud


  • A set of microservices deployed in a cloud
  • A fully configured cloud infrastructure with extensive documentation on maintenance
  • The documented deployment process, including time, cost, and steps
  • An implemented continuous delivery pipeline
  • A microservices-driven architecture
  • System modules optimized to operate in a cloud
  • Rapid, uninterrupted delivery of new application features

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