Part 2: Information-Driven Enterprises. Program Components

Part 2: Information-Driven Enterprises. Program Components

Part 2: Information-Driven Enterprises. Program Components


    • Initial
      Portfolio Assessment
What’s getting
in the way of your success? Overloaded application portfolio?
Legacy application high maintenance cost? An ineffective
IT application development road map? Lack of c-level support
and consensus? Or may be you’re not quite clear just what
the problem is.
During this
strategic step, Altoros will define and categorize your
application portfolio into informational, strategic, transactional,
and infrastructure areas that can be used as a standard
model within your organization.
    • Spending
During this
step, Altoros will determine IT spending areas to be assigned
to each category to reflect a financial portfolio.
    • Impact
Altoros will
locate and understand application areas of core, context,
and utility classifications to make conscious decisions
on what should be outsourced, retired, upgraded, or insourced.
    • Resources
Altoros will
help you to allocate the right balance of resources to
include onsite, and offshore teams
aligned with clusters of applications to be the most effective.
    • Achieve
      Continuous Portfolio Management
At this time
you will understanding the cost of new, strategic IT initiatives
and how these costs dynamically change your application
portfolio. By doing so, you will be in control of what
is being spent and why, and will have aligned your IT
decisions with the company’s overall business goals.

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