Employ machine learning
to empower your PDF-based system!

Automate PDF processing functions with our machine learning-based algorithms. Reduce operational costs, save time, avoid manual errors.

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What We Offer

Structured Data Recognition

  • Detection of structural elements (e.g., page headers, headings, footnotes, footers, page numbers, etc.)
  • Text extraction from documents with a complex layout
  • Tables and graphs detection
  • Recognition of a table of contents (ToC)
  • Establishing links between content and corresponding ToC item

Knowledge Extraction

  • Distinct entities recognition such as numbers, names, phones, dates, specific instances, locations, organizations, etc.
  • Establishing relations between distinct entities (e.g., a persons relates to contact info, places to locations, numbers turn into quantities, etc.)
  • Keywords extraction and text summarization
  • Texts categorization and comparison
  • Topic model

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Start Extracting Specific Data from Unstructured Documents.

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Benefits of ML-powered
PDF processing

Save time and money
Save time and money

Reduce manual efforts to zero. The process of entering data is no longer expensive and time-consuming.

Avoid manual errors
Avoid manual errors

Don't waste your time on double checking—computers don't make mistakes.

Comply with
organizational standards
Comply with
organizational standards

The solution enables device and format flexibility providing internal standardization and consistency for customers.

How to implement
the algorithm in business

Baseline model
We implement the algorithms, add necessary features, and create a baseline model that fits your business needs. Use our algorithms as a starting point to reduce time to market!
The data set is getting trained and the model is being updated. As a result, thousands of car models and their parts can be detected and identified.
Roll out
A final solution discovers and detects car parts and estimates whether they are damaged or not. Based on the level of damage, a user gets the suggestion to repair or replace a part.

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