Kubernetes Benchmarking

Kubernetes Benchmarking: Platform Performance Testing

Get a PoC along with a benchmark to make a smart decision which Kubernetes distribution and the underlying IaaS fit your needs better.
* The offer is valid till September 28, 2018

Get the Perfect Kubernetes Distribution and IaaS Solution for Your Needs

Altoros provides benchmarking services for you to estimate which Kubernetes distribution fits your needs best.

  • Build a PoC based on open-source app samples
  • Test the PoC on different Kubernetes distributions (Google Kubernetes Engine, Pivotal Container Service, Amazon EKS, Amazon ECS, Azure Kubernetes Service, OpenShift, etc.)
  • Ensure compliance with custom test requirements (ease of use, performance, custom tests, etc.)

Interested in how to effectively use the Kubernetes CLI to manage your deployment? Download our kubectl cheat sheet!

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