Customers Speak

Customers Speak

Landon Swan

Co-founder of LikeFolio


    Nolan Zandi

    Founder and Lead Solution Architect/Engineer at Zanobo Partners


      Paul Caponetti

      Director of Engineering at Xively by LogMeIn


        Katelyn Huber

        Product Manager, CipherHealth

        New York, NY

          “Our experience with Altoros on the project was wonderful. We never had any communication problems, we had all of our needs taken care right away. I would absolutely recommend Altoros for any software development project. They are very flexible, very accommodating to your needs, and they would appreciate any opportunity to work with your team.”

          Paul Lothridge

          Director of Program Management, NuoDB

          Cambridge, MA

            “If we were going to be serious about enabling our users to move their existing SQL databases to NuoDB’s distributed NewSQL database solution, then we had to provide a powerful and simple means to do so. Just like with many startup companies our engineering team executes beyond expectation, but that does not mean it is without its limits. While already operating at capacity we turned to Altoros to take on the development of these critical customer tools. They offered their skills in every aspect of the project, from administration to design and development. The end product is a set of open source tools that are uniquely flexible, and elegantly simple in solving a set of complex problems for our customers. We are indeed quite pleased with the partnership we’ve built with Altoros.”

            Kalle A. Ojala

            Chief Product Officer, MediSapiens Ltd.

            Helsinki, Finland

              Christopher Adorna

              Sony Design Center

              Los Angeles, CA

                “We highly recommend Altoros to rapidly build complex applications using cutting edge technologies. Again, great job!”

                Kim Jonassen

                Project Manager at Locus AS


                  “The Altoros team demonstrated a high level of expertise and the ability to work efficiently, meeting the requirements, timeframes, and delivering a quality product.”

                  Chaz Giles

                  Co-founder of Mom Trusted

                  Cincinnati, OH

                    “It was really important for us to keep Mom Trusted available online during the development process, no matter what changes were made. Not only did the Altoros team follow the requirement, but they implemented it smoothly and with a sense of urgency.”

                    James L. White

                    CEO LDC Direct, Ltd. Co. d/b/a Budgetlinx

                    Atlanta, GA

                      “We have been using Altoros exclusively for our programming for about one year. From the beginning, they have proven to be very professional, competent, and quite resourceful. In most cases, we were able to get responses from Altoros either the next business day and, in many cases, the same day. As a bonus, we received quite a few valuable recommendations to improve our application from Altoros – most of which we would have not otherwise considered. All in all, they have a great team!”

                      Thomas Hamm

                      CEO at Consafe Logistics AS


                        “We have worked closely with Altoros since the fall of 2006, and they have shown expert skills and good business understanding, along with the ability to familiarize themselves with new technology. We look at Altoros as an extended development team with advanced business skills that can be reused in our new projects.”

                        Aydin B.K.

                        CEO at NuvoPoint


                          “For a long period of time, we had expensive and time-consuming in-house development, but we realized that this was too static and slow for our kind of business. To maintain our leading position in the market, we chose to get help from Altoros, not only because of the lower cost, but also because of their highly skilled developers and know-how within the platforms and technologies we wish to use in the future.”

                          Edward Thomas

                          President of Primed, Inc.

                          Tampa, FL

                            “Since the first day of co-operating, Altoros proved itself as a highly qualified team of professionals. We want to note that, apart from such obvious things as quality, terms, and discipline, the team was distinguished in understanding the importance of customer satisfaction. Our company opted for Altoros’s “local management — offshore development” model. The engagement was structured to maximize the strength of Altoros’s two-tier approach: strong on-site project and architecture management and an offshore production/development team at their development center in Minsk, Belarus. As a result, our company achieved business objectives and goals and increased customer service levels with the new system Altoros delivered.”

                            Lars Svenkerud

                            CTO at Touch Technology AS


                              “We’ve managed to launch a new service in the market in a very short time. Creative developers from Altoros brought their best efforts to implement our challenging ideas.”

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                              Customers Speak

                              • "We highly recommend Altoros to rapidly build complex applications using cutting edge technologies. Again, great job!"

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