Testing Your Data Migration Solution

by Katherine VasilegaFebruary 2, 2011

Te areas of testing for a data warehouse project (image credit)

Data migration solutions should be carefully tested before and after the migration process starts. A well-organized testing strategy must include the following three stages to ensure data quality in the data migration process.


1. Testing before migration

During this stage you should verify scope of source/target systems and data with business users and IT department. It is also useful to test source and target system connections from the data migration platform.


2. Data migration design review

The design review of the data migration specifications can include:

  • Source data sets and queries
  • Data mappings
  • The number of source records
  • Identification of supplementary sources
  • Data cleansing requirements

The outcome of this stage of data migration should be summarized in a list of open issues, which have to be resolved before the actual migration starts.

3. Testing after data migration

Post-migration is typically performed in a test environment and includes:

  • Testing the migration process (number of records per unit time)
  • Comparing migrated records to records generated by the destination
  • Comparing migrated records to sources

It is recommended that you use both automated tools and skilled data migration resources for successful solution testing.

The types of testing for a data warehouse project (image credit)