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TRAINING: Logging and Monitoring in Cloud Foundry

13 June 2017,
09:00 am - 15:00 pm
During this workshop you will learn about Logging and Monitoring approaches to use in conjunction with Cloud Foundry deployments. Overview: Logging and monitoring components are crucial for flawless operation of any complex real-world system, Cloud Foundry in particular. At the training, the attendees will learn how to effectively organize activities around...Register »
СF for Devs Training

TRAINING: Cloud Native Development for Cloud Foundry - Advanced

This three-day course is designed for application developers who are looking for experience in running their cloud-native apps on Cloud FoundryRegister »
СF for Devs Training

TRAINING: Cloud-Native Development for Cloud Foundry - Essentials

The course introduces application developers to the cloud-native development approach and best practices. Register »